Axis of evil

The phrase ‘axis of evil’ was made famous by President George W. Bush of the United States of America. He used it in his State of the Union speech on January 29, 2002. Memories of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the Twin Towers were still fresh in the minds of the world. President Bush declared ‘War on Terror.’
President Bush in his speech further identified Iraq as a breeding ground for weapons of mass destruction. Hype was created over the large hoard of suspected arms squirreled away by Saddam Hussein. As it turned out later the intelligence reports given to the White House were not accurate but still were used as an excuse for launching a full scale war on Iraq in March 2003. Saddam Hussein’s regime came tumbling down in 2003.
The exact words which virtually launched the alliance of British and US forces were, ‘Iraq continues to flaunt its hostility toward America and to support terror,’ and that, ‘this is a regime that has something to hide from the civilised world.’ Finally he said, ‘states like these and their terrorist allies constitute an axis of evil, arming to threaten the peace of the world.’
The lines became famous because they were spoken by the leader of the most powerful nation of the world. Saddam was sentenced and hanged by the Interim government of Iraq. The tyrant of the ‘axis of evil’ was killed but no weapons of mass destruction were found. Later the phrase was used by the President and others many times. The term recalls the Axis allies Germany, Italy and Japan of World War II.
It was a White House speech writer David Frum who was given the task of writing a short passage outlining the aggressive stand of America against the rising trend of terrorism directed towards the United States of America. Frum had actually proposed the phrase ‘axis of hatred’ which on reading President Bush changed to ‘axis of evil.’ He included Iran, Iraq and North Korea in this ‘axis of evil.’
The term became popular all over the world and even a movie Behind Enemy Lines 2 was named ‘Axis of Evil.’ The phrase is now also associated with the War on Terror which in itself is linked with an ongoing current WW III. It also is a testimony to the power of words in a political campaign.

When God Writes Your Love Story by E & L Ludy

A review of When God Writes Your Love Story by E & L Ludy

“When God Writes Your Love Story” is a book published in 2004 written by husband and wife team of Eric Ludy and Leslie Ludy. Both of them are deeply immersed in the love of Jesus Christ. They seek solutions for modern day problems through a true Christian path obeying the commandments and going back to an optimistic belief in God.

Let Jesus Enter

Christians who think grand thoughts but live horrible lives’—Eric Ludy. Believe whole heartedly in Jesus Christ and failure will turn into vic tory. Faith and confidence in God will lead to success. Eric Ludy is a Bible thumper of a man. ”The Gospel is after your life.” We have to change our lives by letting Jesus enter us. We have to explore the dark corners of our life which we ignore because we are afraid.

Have faith in God
There is nothing to be afraid God is always there to help us. We have to work daily for our redemption by doing something positive having faith In Jesus Christ. God is willing to help us but it is only us who declare that we are too weak to succeed. This is the crux of the matter we should go ahead knowing that Go d will help us. We should bravely work towards achieving God.

Wait for your love

God has great plans for everyone. We have to accept what he gives us. Marriage vows bind a couple forever for better or for worse. One should stop promiscuous dating and wait patiently for the love of your life whom God has chosen specially. In time you will meet your bride or groom as written by God. God has written a story for every one of us.

Preparing for love

The book is divided into sections and each contains chapters written by Eric and Leslie separately. The simple theme is to keep love pure and safe for the right person waiting for God’s cue. There is no profit in jumping from one love to another. “ How much of your treasure will be left, if you continue to give it away, piece by piece in one relationship after another?”

The sections of the book are named ‘Desiring a love story’; ‘Preparing for a Love Story’; ‘Waiting for a Love Story’; ‘Sweetening a Love Story’ and ‘Discovering a God-Written Love Story.’ Both of them have found their loves in each other. The book has transformed many lives. The book is written simply and with many interesting examples and anecdotes.

It is a good book for everyone trying to regain the path of Jesus Christ which most people have lost in their mindless race for material wealth and sensual love.