Wanted Woman Slave

 In India women are objects to be acquired. Look at the matrimonial advertisements. Boys and their families advertise as if they want to adopt a pet dog. These phrases send a shiver up the spine of most educated and independent women. Marriage is an invitation to serfdom it seems from the advertisements.

Phrases that men use in matrimonial advertisements— I am fun loving person who wants a sincere and understanding partner who will respect my father and mother;  homely girl who will respect my parents; wanted homely working girl who can adjust in our small family; my friends describe me as handsome (in income he writes not applicable); this guy is named sulabh (the toilet chain?); religious homely girl wanted; Girl should take care of my father and mother and be constant companion (goodbye career, good bye freedom); the girl should be my replica (sic and sick); another does not give his name and advertises as Chopra family (you are not marrying the boy but the ethos of a self centered business family); wanted girl with traditional values matching those of my son; wanted professionally qualified woman (in what?); wanted woman who will share my joy and sorrow (an emotional sponge?);

It is endless and pathetic. No boy or his parents promise equal rights for the girl. These advertisements are more like employment notices. Wanted hard working girl who will cook, bring in good dowry, look after elders, be professionally qualified and bring in a good monthly pay packet so that our good- for- nothing boy can live happily ever after.