Young and Perhaps a Little Smug



Oh, by the way my name is Josh Mantin.  Josh meaning Zest. I may be young (I am not yet thirty) but I have a lot of experience in every aspect of life. I have created various irrefutable laws and one is ‘The Government will eventually destroy you if you come into the limelight. Government is against everything. It is run by ambitious civil servants and politicians. They are ambitious and they are greedy. They want everything for themselves. If they cannot have it they want to control it in order to distribute favours to their sycophants. Bureaucrats store ancient laws in their minds like bombs and bring them forth to destroy you if you err on the side of defiance. We have yet to see a philosopher king in the world who will allow others to prosper in his kingdom without rancour.’

I admire men like Rasputin and Machiavelli. I have my own store of knowledge. Enough to bring down any great man in this vast nation. I prefer to keep a, well, not low, but medium profile. I do not like being photographed. One snapshot can make you the target of all the fraudsters in the world. I wear dark glasses and keep changing my hair styles to be a chameleon amongst the hi-fi set. I am not out to prove anything. God and my parents have given me enough to last five lifetimes. I am wary of rich uncles like the one Aladdin encountered. I have riches but I am not locked inside a cave looking for a genie. I am the genie.