Love Search Engines

Everybody is seeking love without knowing it. Loneliness occurs when the soul empties of love from others. Sadly this is a quid pro quo situation. People stop giving love and they get none back in return. The original supply of soulful love dries up leaving cynical and pessimistic people. They expect nothing to ever go right for them. They live cocooned in their little hovels which may exist even in a luxurious mansion.

The Chawl too had such people. I had determined to seek them and bring them into the fold of mainstream life of our little community. These isolated people were rich but they had forgotten the pleasures of spending money. They hoarded money and the only pleasure in their life was imagining the money growing further and further. These poor souls did not realise that they would soon inevitably be dead leaving the money for smelly rats to defecate upon.

3 thoughts on “Love Search Engines

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