Ankh–Coptic Cross–Crux Ansata

English: The Ankh, During the reign of Hatshep...
English: The Ankh, During the reign of Hatshepsut (1508–1458 BC), from Royal Ontario Museum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
crux ansata
English: Christ - Coptic Art English: Christ – Coptic Art (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Crux Ansata

A cross with a looped handle is the Crux Ansata which is famous as the Egyptian Ankh. It is a symbol of life. It also represents the male and female form in the Wiccan religion.  The perpendicular below the horizontal line represents the male and the handle on top symbolizes the female form. It  is basically an Egyptian symbol which was and used by  Coptic Christians to show the cross of Christianity. It can be seen in the ancient Codex Glazier. The Ankh is thus in modern times a Coptic Cross. The Ankh is visible on Egyptian tombs. Gods and deities carry the Ankh in one hand. It is  a regal symbol.

The Crux Ansata also symbolizes the Planet Venus. The level bar in the ankh indicates  the direction of the Sun from East to West. The circle with a hole in it is also a representation of  the river Nile. The Nile  is the source of life and is also an icon of fertility.

English: Coptic ankh
English: Coptic ankh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)