The Man Who Planted Trees and The Green Wall of Africa

The world is getting new lungs with such ventures

Stephen Liddell

About five years ago, I watched part of a short animated film entitled The Man Who Planted Trees. It is the most lovely short French film (an English version can be viewed here) and it tells the story of a man in an early 20thC European Alpine valley that was desolate and empty of life and this man starts to plant trees. Millions of them until decades later, it is a pristine and “lost” paradise.

Because of the nature and spirit of the film, lots of people assume it is based on a real story but it isn’t. Sadly I have only seen the film once and never caught it again though I am going to watch the video link above right after writing this blog.

I don’t know about anyone else but I have always liked trees. It doesn’t matter what sort of trees. They are all…

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