Gold and Silver Bracelet

English: Gold bracelet Archaeological find fro...
English: Gold bracelet Archaeological find from Şimleul Silvaniei (Hungarian: Szilágysomlyó, German: Schomlenmarkt) cf. Tocilescu (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Sahara camel calf feeding from her mother
English: Sahara camel calf feeding from her mother (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Kali Yantra
English: Kali Yantra (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kaali laughed. ‘No, it is not my baby; Heera has brought him from somewhere.’
Kajri looked at the child in disbelief. She looked at Kaali trying to guess if the little girl was lying. Kali was smiling with pleasure. She was proud of the baby like a mother. Kajri began to shake her head in disbelief. She sat down and sipped her sweet tea.
‘Listen Monica, you might get into trouble here. This child looks like a rich man’s son. You have seen that tiny bracelet he is wearing. It is made of gold and silver. Pure gold and silver. Heera has stolen that child and soon the police will be here looking for him’ said Kajri with extreme seriousness.
At that precise moment Heera walked in and the conversation was interrupted. Boora barked once and then retreated to a distance. Kaali too started stirring the mild, tea and water mixture in the pan. She quickly put some sugar in the mixture and poured the strong tea for a customer sitting on a large stone beside Kajri.
Heera surveyed the scene with suspicion. “Kadak tea and be quick about it.” He stared at Kajri with a frowning look. Kajri pretended to be sipping her tea as if her own thoughts were burdening her brain. She paid for the tea and said ‘hoot, toot’ to Toona the Camel and they walked away on their journey to the city.  The other customers too soon went away and Kaali was alone with Heera in the tea hut.