Highway Signs-Heat, Noise and Dust

English: The "Pushkar Camel and cattle Fa...
English: The “Pushkar Camel and cattle Fair – 2003” as viewed from a Sand Dune. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



After dinner Kajri spread three colourful durrees on the ground and soon everyone was lying down on these. Kaali and Sona watched the progress of the moon in the sky and fell asleep counting the bright stars that peeped from behind the black clouds. Thankfully it did not rain during the night and everyone had a good night’s sleep.


In the morning the three of them shared some of the rotis left from the night before and ate with a chili pickle. Sona got the hiccups after the first bite but Kaali loved this new kind of breakfast. Soon they were on their way to the fair again. It was in the afternoon that they had to leave the camel track and come back on the highway. The fear of Heera returned and so did the noise and dust of the city. Kaali and Sona did not notice the noise or the dust. They loved the new sights. The big colorful buses, the black and yellow taxis and the crowds of jostling people.


At last they reached the big ground where the fair was being held. Kajri gave them five rupees each and asked them to spend on anything they liked. Both of them went jumping around the colorful stalls.