Book Review–Maree and the Prince–Condoms and Viagra

9781482817133Maree and the Prince —Book Review

A newly published eBook—Maree and the Prince deals with the subject of faith while telling the tale of a roguish writer who is a Prince given to excessive drinking. The Prince and His friend pursue members of the oldest profession with a vengeance.

Maree is his involuntary secretary and driver. The Prince is possessed by an English ghost. The book also explores Christianity through a devout Maree.

The ghost leads us on a journey to London, a sea voyage, Karachi, Lahore, Umballa and Simla in the 19th century. The book also takes us into an unexplored chapter of British-Indian history—that of Lascars—native sailors who were the first Indian immigrants in England.

The book is a search for faith with the help of a saint and a faithful servant.

The eBook is available on, Barnes&Noble, Google books.