Jalianwala Bagh-Well of Death




In 1919 the Butcher of Amritsar, General Dyer made his troops fire at innocent civilians

gathered for Baisakhi. In order to save themselves from the merciless barrage of

bullets many people jumped into this well. General Dyer had gone into a manic rage

which he never regretted till perhaps his death when he wrote, ‘So many people who

knew the condition of Amritsar say I did right…but so many others say I did wrong. I only want to

die and know from my Maker whether I did right or wrong.’

The well has been given this roof and gallery and it serves as a Monument to the Innocent who

died facing the white supremacist regime of England.

 Wikipedia reports that the “Westminster Gazette wrote a contrary opinion (to the Pro-Dyer

obituaries on his death): “No British action, during the whole course of our history in India,

has struck a severer blow to Indian faith in British justice than the massacre at Amritsar.”






Rudyard Kipling did no good to his own image by supporting this blackguard and helping collect 26000 pounds for his benefit.