Indian Batsmen face 12 Opponents on the Field


The fifth day has begun and India is reeling after beginning at 112 for 4. Rohit Sherma fell by the wayside felled by a bad umpiring decision. Dhoni committed hara-kiri. Very disappointing for this was an opportunity for the captain to throw anchor and save his team.
Enter Jadeja and on the other side is steady Rahane on 21. The much hyped battle between Anderson and Jadeja continues for the moment. The bearded left hander must be regretting being docked for half his match fee and his eyes will be on Anderson’s bowling. This indeed will work in England’s favour for Jadeja will be tempted to try a roundhouse shot.
Anderson has an unbridled tongue which is prone to blurt rude comments at Indian batsmen. Yesterday he taunted Rahane at the end of play. When the umpire moved in he put in a great act of innocence and amazement. India should have made their bats talk as Anderson is doing the talking not only with his tongue but with the ball too.
It is going to be a tough day with India playing against twelve dedicated gentlemen on this last day. Jadeja should come true today with Rahane. He is floundering right now but let’s see.

India have a target of 445 runs after England declared again at the total of 206. Current Indian score 140-6. Jadeja on 12 and Rahane on 26.