England Win Test; Moin Ali Gets his 6th Wicket; India All Out –178

Rahane will be looking at a possible but vanishing 50. This is Moin’s first five wicket haul.

Rahane hits two fours on Moin balls through the network of players crowding around him.

Rahane is 48 and now on the non striker’s end. Pankaj Singh gets a close shave. Loud appeals. Not out. One run to Pankaj Singh opens his test batting career.


Four for Rahane gets another fifty. He is a Dravid doppelganger.

Quiet and Patient.
Wow, a four from Pankaj. He does look like the legendary Bheem. Another four for Pankaj. He is enjoying it spoiling Moin’s figures.


Pankas Singh Bowled; Moin gets his sixth.

India and England are now one/one going into the fourth Test.