Gaza Emulate Israel


Hunker Down Palestine

The news broadcasts of course are pretty bad. Bashar is killing people in Syria. Israel and Hamas are in another phase of their endless attack counter-attack lives. Children are dying in the Middle East and a cruel hearted world watches unfazed by all this. We all have iron hearts now. The Ebola virus has broken out in Western Africa and threatens to spread all over the world. There is no cure for this disease. The Dark Continent continues to seethe in its violence, poverty and sickness. The problem with these violent, blood thirsty countries is that there is no desire to improve the education system and to let the people out into the knowledge of the West. Boko Haram being a prime example. Citizens are cloaked and smothered by ancient beliefs, customs and badly interpreted religions. This is the Inquisition of the 21st Century and it is being carried out mostly by Islamic states. Women are treated as second class citizens. These ignorant leaders do not know that these wombs have given birth to them and can save the world if allowed to reach out to education, jobs and professions. Frogs in the pond have acquired power by one way or another and hold on to it not caring for the citizenry. A prime example is Bashar al-Assad in Syria. These leaders are taking their countries back into the dark ages. Look at Gaza. It is throwing stones at an iron dome. Gaza and West Bank Palestinians should be hunkering down, creating, constructing and learning to be world citizens instead of being obsessed by their dominant neighbor. Hamas should be looking to the future and churning out highly sophisticated and educated citizens. The money being used for blasting puny missiles should be used to create a seed bank of super Palestinians. Instead they are hell bent on destroying their own next generation.

Israel did it. So can all the countries of the world caught in tribal and religious war. Desist and grow peacefully into a powerful nation.<a