Campaigning ends for Haryana Assembly elections

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The Haryana assembly elections are going to be held on the 15th of October, 2014. The loud campaigning has finally come to a halt. Haryana has seen a great blast of campaigning by various party leaders, indeed one appearing on emergency leave out of jail to lead his party. This is a no holds barred, Wild West kind of state. Every assembly seat winner becomes a king in his constituency. Normal citizens watch in amazed consternation as the family members of these representatives of the people run riot over the countryside. Suddenly poor simple villagers who manage to be elected to the vidhan sabha begin to earn great sums of money. The four big political families of Haryana have riches beyond the imagination of any king. Their power spreads like a spider’s web all over the state. Projects are begun and then left uncompleted at unknown and unfathomable whims.

Prime Minister Narender Modi’s party BJP seems likely to win this time. People are sold on the Modi brand and believe  that he is a leader who will deliver on his promises. These are some of the promises made by the Panchkula BJP candidate Mr. Gyan Chand Gupta:-

Higher education will be made possible for the common citizen.

Complete health services for Haryana citizens.

Ending of House Tax.

Solving the problems of Senior citizens.

Employment for Panchkula people.

Ending the sudden rise of thefts and rape in the state.

Giving of brick and mortar houses to poor people now living in shanty towns.

Providing Below Poverty Line card to poor citizens and enabling them to take advantage of various plans under the BPL scheme.

To provide concrete shops to business persons now operating from mobile rehris.

To get a fair deal from the Center for Haryana.

 Very wisely these leaders keep their voters in villages happy by accepting their simple demands and acting positively.