Happy Ending –Movie Review–Saif Sex?

‘Happy Ending’ is a fun movie. Saif as the Casanova who never falls in love does a great job. I loved his caricature of his muse/conscience that appears as a duplicate of (I feel) music director Pritam. I found Saif as the doppelganger superb. I don’t laugh easily but every time Yogi appeared it was as if someone was tickling my underarms.
Sex and live-in relationships are a new bone discovered by movie makers in India. Many movies have smelled, bit and chewed this bone with some good results. This movie explores one aspect of this huge subject in a very pleasant manner. This live-in thing could not have been thought of a decade ago. It is burgeoning now strangely to say because of the Information Technology and Communications success in cyber cities like Gurgaon, Hyderabad and Bangalore. Also it was always there hidden in the metropolitan cities of Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai. It is a side effect of being open to western influences. In India it has led to a pleasant churning of western mores and then representing them after a twirl in a softy ice cream form. That’s what India does over time; it converts its historical invaders, rapists and imperialists and turns them into Indus clones, apparatchiks and fans.
Everyone has acted superbly in this romedy (romantic comedy) genre. Kalki Koechlin is as usual her superb self. The Telugu superstar Ileana D’Cruz plays her part well as a successful writer. Saif too is a writer in the movie. Ranvir Shorey has filled out to a large size(as they say) and plays the drunkard husband amiably. Pretty Zeinta is refreshing in her new avatar.
The surprising thing about the movie is that it is shot entirely in Los Angeles and other American locales. This is a first for me. I have seen other movies with the scenes jumping in songs from Japan, Egypt, Hong Kong, Singapore, New York, London etc. etc. but an entire movie in an American city I feel is a first.
The hall was empty, it was a Monday. The caramel popcorns and strong coffee were ideal. Perhaps that is what gave me the feeling of having come out fresh out of a spa session.
Loved the movie. Oh yes, a special mention for Govinda. He is three good.


Buffalo and Heron always together




The buffalo and cattle egret partnership is a marriage of convenience. The buffalo allows the stowaway because it takes out the ticks and flies from its hairy body. The heron gets to eat other stuff disturbed by the grazing of this huge animal.

Regal Cinema, Connaught Place, New Delhi


Passing through Connaught Place I am filled with nostalgia on observing Regal Cinema a part of Indian Cine History.

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Pigeon Oasis


Some bird lover has kept this pottery pan full of water in his/her front lawn in DLF Phase 1, Gurgaon. This planned city has many tree lined avenues. Thus birds like people love to live here. I have seen sparrows in my balcony after years. They had vanished into distant forests finding it difficult to survive in fledgling concrete cities. It is heartening to see that tree saplings are the first residents of new planned city complexes.