Immortality—Just Feed the Computer


It’s Almost Here

Truly immortality is not far away. A glimpse into the future was given to me by Fareed Zakaria in his TV program Moonshots for the 21st Century.

The gist of the program was that mapping of billions of neurons and trillions of brain connections will surely lead to a golden era when man will truly gain physical and mental Nirvana. “Know Thyself” will be never more truer than when we have made a readable atlas of the brain. This indeed is the Final Frontier now.

The BRAIN Initiative has got a big supporter in President Obama-

The possibility of staying alive not physically but mentally in a computer has been made possible by modern super computers. Computers can read human minds through electronic pods stuck to the skull. Thus paraplegics can now walk with the help of robots through mental commands passed to robotic prosthetics.

The idea of perceived immortality occurred to me thinking of our current family conditions. Most people live far away from their parents working in distant lands and cities. We no longer have the need to physically meet Mother because we are always connected to her through the phone. She knows all is well and you know she’s fine living alone and still alive. Perhaps in some circumstances we do not get to meet our loved ones in person for years. The proof of our existence lies in phone calls, emails, SMS and Whatsapp. We might as well be dead physically but alive as far as the brain or mind is concerned. If a computer were fed with all our eccentricities, voice inflexions and quirks and made able to respond verbally to phone calls we would be still alive for anyone ringing up. Years or at least months could pass without people realizing that we are sadly dead. Why not continue talking with mother on the phone once you have given her the Immortality Computer-Model Infinity? Why lift the veil of mortality?

‘Hi Mom how are you?” and the computer will reply ‘For all you care I might as well be dead.’ In the case of video phones it is easy to splice together photos and videos of Mother to give adequate and believable responses for the camera.

If both Mother and Daughter have the Immortality Computer-Model Infinity then perhaps an endless phone call will be initiated by long dead people.

I know my mother would have had just the right answer for me and the Brain Initiative if she had had the Immortality Computer—Model Infinity. It was her favorite quote—

“Tis a lesson

You should heed

Try try again.”

I’m sure the BRAIN people will ‘try try again’ till they succeed.

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