Don’t Mind Me, I’m Dead

Don’t Mind Me, I’m Dead
Once you have kids and fall into the trap of working from home life becomes a whirlpool. Wait a minute, I just looked it up and the better word for life at home with the kids, food and work is maelstrom. Furniture, blender, kitchen, wailing children, cranky spouse, laptop all swirl like planets in a constellation doing their best to undo an orderly life.
I miss my association with a big organisation. The automatic recognition of you being somebody once you are an important cog in the corporate machine. No Matter, forward soldiers regardless.
I asked my mind what to do about it. It said, ‘ignore.’ Pretend you are dead. It works. I have killed myself existentially. I am but a body lying there the rest of me is floating above deaf to mayhem and disobedience from my kids. My third eye will only intervene when they are about to burn down the house or blow up the television. My spirit descends and blends, rolls, cooks,washes, bakes and serves and then ascends to this platform of Nirvana. I do not expect any good behaviour nor obedience. I take life as it is.

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  1. Welcome to following geo’s 299’s. ( time .. might I suggest that taking life as it is, is tantamount to eating life off someone else’s menu.. you get what you get..toss that menu and go rooting in all the spaces they tell you not to go into;put it all in a crockpot, cook it up, serve it out and go looking for more…. Geo

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  2. Hi Chandleur,

    I believe I can hear you and even empathise with you. But I just cannot accept the statement, ‘I have killed myself existentially.’

    By doing so, do you realise that you have invited yourself into a self prophesied and self created delusion? And do you notice what is the genesis of being such? As you go through life, you see yourself as ” In here” and separated from everything else viz. ….Furniture, blender, kitchen, wailing children, cranky spouse, laptop etc. as ‘ Out there’. Do you notice this separation between you, the entity, and the rest of the world? Do you also notice that at the core of your stress lies this intrinsic separation you have created and the pulls and pressures arising out of that?

    So what other possibilities exist for you?




  3. Chandleur, thank you for following me at Very Short Novels. I have noticed over the years that my blog is more popular in the Philippines than in any other country, and very popular in India, although I write in the United States. Can you explain how this came to be?


    1. There is an iñternet and mobile phone revolution in India. English is a second language for many people everyone is fond of reading. That is the reason for your Indian following. In the Philipinnes the Christian faith is popular and i too get many readers on my articles which have any Bible connection.


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