Dog Pooh and Congress Grass and Cannabis

congress grass

congress grass 2

somewhere there you may even find the cannabis plant

Congress Grass and Dog Pooh

I suppose no one walks on roads anymore. Everyone now goes to gymnasiums, fitness trails or even malls to have a constitutional. Walking in circles early in the morning seems to be an occupation monopolized by the elderly.

In this area of Chandigarh I see peripatetic old men a plenty and wild dogs. I am not an enemy of dogs but having been bitten once by a mad cur I tread carefully with a throwable stone in my hand all the time. (No I did not take up writing after that dog bite; I had fallen into this elephant trap all by myself.)

I rub my thumb on the stone and polish it to a fine gleam. I have had occasion to throw it only once when an over excited stray dog attacked me thinking I was trespassing. I did not hit him but the clack of the stone against the road was enough to change the cur’s mind.

A lot of people feed these stray dogs and thus become immune to their unfriendliness. Poor dogs do not know that these people feed them to ward away evil spirits as suggested by various astrologers. I hear black dogs are much in demand both of the canine and whisky variety.

My roads are littered with dog pooh. Both the wild and the pet variety. It is not yet mandatory for pet owners to pick up turds in pooh-bags. Thus all the roads are mined with this dog excrement.

One more threat to us perambulators is Spring time Congress grass. It gives allergies and skin rashes to all and sundry. It is the duty of the municipal corporation to clear this horticultural menace. Alas most of the funds are consumed on paving pathways to VIP lanes; painting curbstones in black and white on VIP visits; Changing bulbs on roadside lampposts forgotten in darkness till the arrival of a Somebody.

If only our councilors and leaders would take a walk through the lanes inhabited by their electorate, the world would be a better place.

Till then we must learn to tread wisely through the hazards of dog pooh and congress grass.