Blazing Guns Sun

blazing sun

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Somewhere else in a blog on an Indian site I am trying to paste a sunrise photo every morning. Since I started that the Sun has turned rather boring and just blasts through the sky everymorning.It has been disappointing lately as far as picture taking is concerned. it is too bright and jumps and  rises suddenly in the clear rain washed sky. it is depriving me of my sleep. I close the curtains but it still seems to be shouting,’let me in, let me in.’ I try to go back to sleep but with no success.

I peep through the curtains and find that It looks belligerent as it rises with speed above the hills. It comes out like a young gunslinger over-eager to impress. It seems to open my door by itself and comes in blazing with its sharp bullet like rays. It trespasses without hindrance but with a lot of curiosity getting into every nook and cranny snooping like a police dog. it enters saloon -doors -swinging -blazing away at what seems like High Noon.

It is a large ball of fire rising fast into the sky. The Sun is behaving like the town bully hammering hard on my door. Eventually it opens the door through my hands. It sweeps in with its solar search power torch seeking out each corner to bless with its cleansing rays.

No wonder people pray to this Hercules of the sky everyday at dawn.

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