Thank You! Zarra Nawaazish key liye shookriya!

Adventures on rail

Some people have thanked me for nominating them for the Dragon Loyalty Award. I would like to thank them in return with the Urdu term on my behalf-“Zarra Nawaazish key liye shookriya.” It means ‘Thank you for noticing this speck of dust.’

Urdu was the court language of the Mughals in India. It was also spoken by the princes of many independent kingdoms. These kingdoms are no more but one of them famous for its extreme courtesy is Lucknow. It is said that the Nawabs would say ‘after you’ or ‘pehle aap’ or ‘you first’ before entering a doorway with a guest. The guest was compelled to go first. Sometimes it led to a stalemate when none would budge the guest would insist upon the host entering first. A classical example is of two Nawabs about to board a train. They start with their ‘pehle aap’. none of them is willing to board before the other as it would be bad manners. Alas the friends are left saying ‘you first’ or ‘after your’ to infinity and the train departs which they do not even notice in their extreme care for niceties of behavior.

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Another phrase or introduction I love in Urdu is ‘Naacheez ko Chadleur kehte hain.’ It is so Far Eastern like Japanese perhaps? 

IT means when you introduce yourself is that you’re not anybody; you are nothing.’ Sir this Nacheez(nothingness) is called Chandleur.)