My 7am Walk


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My 7am Walk

Sounds like someone’s Headache

Its rumbling cloudy

Gods moving furniture above

The veiling shroud

Down on Earth the Temple priest


Sounds of an eternal headache

Ting ting tong tong

Ting ting tong tong

Ting ting tong tong

Temple bells on the dot

7am bedlam

Wooden hammer on brass shield

Prescribed time, yield

Half hour

Passing auto-rickshaw

Motorbike man

Shanty guy cleaning his tongue

7am toothbrush

Gagging sound

Teeth are killing him

Songs spring up from a transistor

Radio AIR

All India Radio

Mom screaming kids

Screaming back

Hiss of tires electric car

Passes me by as I type

Into my phone. Distant train whistles

Shooing the railway line squatters

Schoolgirl schoolboy

In uniform kitchen sounds

Yellow bus purr of diesel

Door lock opened with rusty screech

In passing house

Traffic jam von aus

One car one school bus

It’s always I’ll go first it’s my turn

Home I catch my newspaper guy

Says hi and launches my Tribune into

My balcony in the sky.

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