Dat’s D Guy!!?

IMG-20150815-00261 That’s the guy I was telling you about. Look he’s again taking pictures without asking!


‘Ello, ‘ello, ‘ello, ain’t Dem’s d guy dat Cow- Chaachi (Aunty or father’s brother’s wife) was complainin about taking unasked pichures? Ok we don’t bite him but start Barkin and howlin like hell when I says so!

2 thoughts on “Dat’s D Guy!!?

  1. Reply to Scott
    And while walking you also have to judge whether these stray dogs will attack or let one pass. Some people feed these dogs mostly on the advice of astrologers and their numbers keep on increasing. Black dogs are much in demand for this purpose. Black dogs when fed soak in evil spirits threatening one.
    These gangs fed with leftovers become faithful to the hands that feed them and bark viciously at others who pass by. I have had one dirty mangy brown and black haired jump on to me and bark in my face. I am happy to report that I kept my cool and shouted something like ‘Yowch’ and the cur went away. Remember always, ‘Yowch’ works much more than Sit or Stay.


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