Lost in Transit

Lost in Transit

Our children

Are lost now

In a frenzied success

A typhoon, a tornado, a whirlpool

Of time deficit

That has swirled them away into

A mental absence

From the terrestrial world

They roam lost in figures and unfound yet solutions.

Will they ever come out of their trance and

See us again?

Are we already dead for them?


5 thoughts on “Lost in Transit

  1. Nope. One day a week reclaim all electronic devices from them. Reconnect with them. They’ll be bored as hell and you will be faced with having to pull a trick up from under your sleeve. Hike the neighborhood. Make a homemade pizza. Grab a board game. Play charades. Make yourself AND them suffer the bond(age) of love, repressed. Keep it up for one full month. Schedule it on the schedule of mom and dad, not on the kids time. No excuses, “I need the computer to do my schoolwork.” Ship a note off to the teacher or hand deliver it to them. Granted, they won’t smile, neither will you, but you can help build their relationship skills and their abilities to think outside the electronic box.
    Everybody wins! If more parents would unplug, so would more children.
    Get outside and enjoy life. Nothing is more awe inspiring.

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