Goa Here We Come

Fenny, beer, beaches, fish and partying

The great madness to travel has fallen upon us too. We will leave a comfortable life and subject ourselves to pushing and shoving; hurrying and scurrying on trains, planes, buses, taxis and eventually on scooters. We ladies and gentlemen are going to Goa. The land of cashew- fenny, beer, beaches, fish and all night partying.



IMG-20151020-00829 IMG-20151020-00831それは、私たちの近所に定期的な夜の歩行者のための時間を節約する自動日の光です。それは、深い夏に7.45でかなり早い日没から夜には約5.45で近づく冬の日に暗くなります。すべての常連は4.30は、いくつかの夜の日光を浸すとその憲法2マイルの歩行をつかむしようとしている後に洞穴から出てきます。

개 애인


그것은 우리의 이웃에 정기적으로 저녁 워커 자동 데이 라이트 절약 시간이다. 그것은 깊은 여름에 7시 45분에서 훨씬 이전에 일몰에서 저녁에 약 5:45 접근 겨울 일에 어두운 가져옵니다. 모든 단골 일부 저녁 햇빛과 무덤 헌법 두 마일 걷기를 흡수하고자하는 4시 반 후 자신의 굴에서 나온다.
현장에 출현 한 사람이 씨 M.S.입니다 Bhalla 우리 동네에서 길 잃은 강아지의 구세주. 그는 길 잃은 개는 우리 지역에서 풍부했던의 천 가방에 음식과 함께 자신의 자전거를 페달 나온다.
나는 그가 찬디 가르 나 쿨라에서 다른 사람보다 더 많은 친구가 그에게 말할 때 그는 웃는다. 그는 음식을 기다리고 높은 기대에 그들의 꼬리를 흔들며 개 폭도 감탄하고 끊임없이 확장에 씨 Mohinder 싱 거의 매일 저녁을 배포했다있다.
대부분의 사람들은 개를 두려워하고 그들에게 논문 귀찮은 생각하지만 씨 Mohinder 싱 그들을 사랑하는 법을 배웠습니다. 그는 인도 철도에서 은퇴했다. 그는 지금 몇 년 동안 개를 공급하고있다.IMG-20151020-00829

Disney in a Maidan


Event managers in India can create a replica of major buildings of the world including the Taj Mahal, Red Fort and The White House. People use these for marriages and other public events. Here Disney is created in an open field which is being used for a temporary amusement park during the festival season of Diwali in Chandigarh.

A game of cricket is in progress in the forefront on this Saturday afternoon.


IMG-20151020-00831 IMG-20151020-00829


It is automatic day light saving time for regular evening walkers in our neighborhood.  It gets dark in the approaching winter days at about 5.45 in the evening much earlier from the sunset at 7.45 in deep summer. All the regulars emerge from their dens after 4.30 seeking to soak some evening sunlight and grab their constitutional two mile walk.

One person who emerges on the scene is Mr. M.S. Bhalla the savior of stray dogs in our neighborhood. He comes out pedaling his bike with food in a cloth bag for the stray dogs that abound in our area.

He laughs when I tell him that he has more friends than anyone else in Chandigarh or Panchkula. He has an admiring and constantly expanding mob of dogs waving their tails in high expectation waiting for the food that Mr. Mohinder Singh distributes almost every evening.

Most people are afraid of these dogs and consider them a nuisance but Mr. Mohinder Singh has learned to love them. He has retired from the Indian Railways. He has been feeding the dogs for many years now.

Horseless Buggy


This is a survivor from the first half of the 20th Century a buggy. The few remaining ones are now used to carry bridegrooms on their wedding days. The mare and the buggy are bedecked with lights and flowers. Everything is backed up with a battery for power or a generator on wheels accompanies the horse and carriage. Our family had a Tonga, which was a plebian version of the buggy. We had a buggy I hear in Lahore before partition.

Perhaps in Chandigarh I was the only person to arrive at St. John’s High School in a Tonga.

Goodbye Dear T

IMG-20151007-00738 IMG-20151007-00744

Goodbye Dear T—Your Time is Up

Goodbye Dear T. You have been so faithful in the hot summer months and the sticky monsoon season. I love you despite  your shredded looks. I love that bullet hole (or what looks like one) in the front. I love that vent under the arm. I really appreciate the cooling punctures on the back.

I’m afraid your time has not come. Torn blue jeans are all the rage but no one is making a statement about these well worn faithful T’s.

I remember the day you came; you were sparkling white (or was it blue) and crispy. I washed you morning and evening till you had that comfortable feel.

I am afraid your time has come. Now they are coming for you. I told you not to get machine washed. We were so happy with our hand wash in the tub. It was only the damned caustic soda or whatever that cut my hands that I gave in to the machine. Now look at you. You look even older than me. I’ll try to hide you in some corner of my closet; but I’m afraid your number is up. My wife has seen you and she thinks you will be ideal for wiping the car.

Wait! I have an idea. I’ll hide you in the boot under the tyre and we will meet next summer. Bye bye my comfortable T. Cruel harsh winter is coming and replacing you with sweat shirts I’m afraid. Bye bye.