Horseless Buggy


This is a survivor from the first half of the 20th Century a buggy. The few remaining ones are now used to carry bridegrooms on their wedding days. The mare and the buggy are bedecked with lights and flowers. Everything is backed up with a battery for power or a generator on wheels accompanies the horse and carriage. Our family had a Tonga, which was a plebian version of the buggy. We had a buggy I hear in Lahore before partition.

Perhaps in Chandigarh I was the only person to arrive at St. John’s High School in a Tonga.

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  1. Amazing you arrived at St. John’s High School in a Tonga. My first car was a red Vega with huge rear hot wheels I bought for $500. (Wish I had a photo to share of the crazy vehicle it was.) Your blog entry brought back memories. Thanks for reaching out to mine!

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