Mooning–Bring me Back



That old innocence
That old innocence

That First Glow


I’ll have to pull myself

In within me

Dig out again

Through the caverns of my being.

I’ve got lost in commercial ad-like dreams

I’ll have to reset my innocence

My childhood, my teenage years as it were

Which I new I would lose

When I was young and turn cynical

and codgy

How will I find a pebble?

Lost fifty years ago?

How will I become eternally optimistic? Again

Like a child

What is the trick?

2 thoughts on “Mooning–Bring me Back

  1. This is beautifully written and you honed right into the depth of subject. I think many of us have missed ourselves as children and you gave words to a thought that is rarely voiced. I think the child is there, inside each of us. I think we carry that child with us. Merry Christmas, my friend.

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