Boosamey Bewaukey

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Boosamey Bewaukey

It seems a thousand years ago that we did our music listening on vacuum tube radio sets. Then we graduated to transistor sets. It was in that age that I listened to not so latest hit songs on a program called ‘Date with You’ broadcast by All India Radio’s Delhi station. It was the time of record players, singles, EP’s and LP’s. Most of the shops in Chandigarh sold not so new albums of stars like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, later the Beatles, The Rolling Stones. It was in this milieu that I heard a song on the radio which the announcer through all that static and crackle seemed to say was, ‘Boosamey Bewaukey.’

Next morning, I picked up my pedal bike and off I was in sector 17 beseeching the radio and music shop owner to find me the song called Boosamey Bewaukey. I remember the shop was called Banga Radios. I was a frequent visitor and the owner always listened to my weird demands patiently. Alas he could not find the said single.

I was despondent but I found an address in a magazine advertisement. It was I think an agency for His Master’s Voice in Calcutta before it was Kolkata. I wrote a letter to them pleading and asking for them to decipher and send me this song sung by a new star.

Whaddya Know? Three weeks later I got a tiny cigar box by VPP (Value Payable Post.) Oh the thrill of that moment and when I took out the gleaming black plastic single it turned out to be Nancy Sinatra and “These Boots Are Made for Walking.” Thus was solved the mystery of Boosamey Bewaukey.




Love All says iPucid— On Valentine’s Day


On this 14th February 2016, in Chandigarh while the police keep a heavy vigil on the goings on of young men chasing women on the romantic Geri Route, I wonder what St. Valentine would have thought of it all.

Cupid it seems is let out of his heavenly or verdant wherever confines and shoots arrows here and there Like Putin’s planes.

While Westernized youngsters exchange roses and cards (the share value of Archies rises in February) Indian jingoists attack these lovelorn creatures with bricks and bats.

A very disapproving picture of the Pakistani President Mamnoon Hussain appears in the Indian Express of today. The President asked a gathering of young girls to refrain from such seditious activities in the name of St. Valentine who was not suitable to the scheme of things in Pakistani culture.

Messages are fired like missiles on the internet and WhatsApp. Love is in much demand but mostly missing between couples who are busy texting on their iPhones.


I suspect if Cupid were born today he might have been named iPucid or something like that convenient for Apple or Google.

St. Valentine they say was a Christian priest promoting love and marriage in the days of the Roman Empire. He became rather too enterprising and tried to convert Claudius II to Christianity and was beheaded for his efforts.


Video Pirates Movie Script-Shoutout!

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Hi Guys,

Just to tell you. I have published another eBook — ‘Video Pirates Movie.’ It is available on Amazon. It is about two ageing Bollywood actors in Mumbai who make a movie and face stiff competition from video pirates selling unofficial DVDs of their movie.

They find a unique solution for their problem.

This is my second eBook.

The first being ‘Maree and the Prince.’

Both are available on Kindle and Amazon.*Version*=1&*entries*=0

Three Cheers for Red Tape!


Three Cheers for Red Tape

Free Basics Trojan Horse

In friendship there are somethings that one does not ask for. Prime Minister Modi invited Mark Zuckerberg to India to highlight his own tech savviness and his ability to rope in the best brains in the world. Alas Mark gave a spiel for Free Basics which would have allowed free internet to millions but through the controlling hands of Facebook.

That smelled a teeny bit like the first advances of the English towards the kings and sultans of India. It was that old story of the camel ejecting the master from the tent slowly and steadily.

Marky boy tried that old Trojan Horse trick dangling the free internet bit.

You know what saved us; good old fashioned caring bureaucracy. Our telecom regulatory authority of India- TRAI rejected the offer.

Facebook would have only allowed free content approved by it thus being the Big Brother of our nation imported from the US.



Simple Guide to Investing in Indian Stock Market


Simple Guide to Investing in Indian Stock Market


The first step of course is of opening an online trading account in a prominent bank.  Kotak Bank has a great three-in-one option of a savings bank account, a demat account and a stock trading account.

A demat account is a non-physical way of holding shares. Demat means dematerialized. Shares were materialized when they were held in paper form as share certificates. Selling and buying involved a lot of paperwork. Now once you have an online trading account you can sell and buy in the comfort of your home through your laptop or PC without having to do any paperwork at all.

You can link your savings account to the trading account and thus transfer money between the two accounts.

How do you select the shares to buy?

Now that is the big crux of the matter.

Markets are falling right now and even well respected Dons of the share market like SBI, Axis Bank, L&T, Siemens, Dr. Reddy’s are all falling like nine pins or to be more picturesque, meteorites.


Please stay away from day trading or intraday trading. It is a very professional and technical job and without this skill it is like jumping into the sea without knowing how to swim.

Stick to buying shares for long term investing.

A good idea is to do some research and find dividend paying companies and invest in the Large Caps. Right now all sectors are vulnerable. Today’s low will see another lower bottom tomorrow.

Some good experts suggesting good stocks for investing on television are Simi Bhaumik, Rajat Bose and Rakesh Bansal. It is better to write down the tips given and invest in small amounts. That way you will learn to see the behavior of various shares. A practical knowledge can be gained by observing the rise and fall of these personal shares.

Two other sources of investing ideas through apps are ET and FT ie The Economic Times and Financial Times. Knowledge is being thrown around like a good monsoon but most people disregard the tips given by these experts and fall headlong into investing in bad stocks.

One typical mistake is betting on penny stocks which you can buy in thousands in the hope that even a rise of a few paise will give a huge return. Sadly your capital erodes day by day in these penny stocks. Stick to the big guns and eventually you will make a fortune. Remember the greatest investors who have made fortunes have done so by holding on to good stocks for years and years. Two good examples are of Warren Buffet and our own Rakesh Jhunjhunwala.

Tomorrow is another day but I am sure it will be safe to sit on the sidelines this week and start your investing only next week.

Pssst Trade only on the NSE.

PS on 12th February, 2016, can’t resist a ”Told you so!” Global markets fell by more than 3% on Thursday. Today will be a slightly better day but sell on rise. Take your cash and run!