Sex in a Shop Window


It is heartening to know that my blog responds positively to the search term, “Sex intercourse amazon jangle (sic)”.) I imagine the poor chap staring at my photo of a gift shop in Shimla. He or she would be confronted by a Buddha giving his blessings for reaching this page. This is the way of the Wise and Enlightened One.


Brexit-Blues-Went Off the Rails


I can see people regretting having voted for exit. On the BBC I actually saw and heard someone ask for another referendum.

I think a referendum for Brexit should have required a minimum voting of 80% for a consensus. 80% of the let us just assume 45 million who voted. That requires a nay or yeah vote count of at least 36 million people. This referendum fell far shot off the consensus mark. It was like the uninformed carried the day.  Now a fraction or faction has taken a big decision without having the entire population behind it.

No Brexit- The Bitter Lemon That the English will Not Want to Taste-Or Don’t Rock The Boat Mate


The English I once read or heard being called “a nation of shopkeepers”. Their morals lie in their till. I am sure and predict that there will be no Brexit. England will stay in the EU. They will not want a slice of the bitter lemon of falling profits. The sedate British will not rock the boat. Immigration or no immigration they will vote for profits and more profits. Germany and other EU countries will reap the benefits of incoming migrants because their own rate of baby making is falling drastically. Europe and England need new blood in the form of migrants. Ten years later this will be the generation which will give birth to an economic boom in Europe.

These drowning migrants will now save Europe from sinking.

Monsoon Spotting -2 Morning After


Still entangled the morning after the big Pre-monsoon shower. Temperatures are down from 38 Celsius to 27 degrees Celsius. Opposites seem to be attracting each other here. Sun and cloud might be falling in love here.

Parting Shot, Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh


It will soon become brimful with the eagerly expected Monsoon rains. You can see the high mark where the washed stones touch the grass on the banks of the lake. Excessive rainfall fills the lake up to the promenade when they have to open the dam to let out the gathered water to a safer level.

Sukhna Lake, the Pride of Chandigarh



The wildlife sanctuary at the dam end of Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh.


Sukhna Lake is the attraction that visitors seek in Chandigarh. It is as famous in the region as the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Residents love to walk to the lake everyday. The whos who of Chandigarh love to be seen walking or joggin on the promenade.


The Lake is a man made creation or rather an existing small natural feature has been expanded to its current well manicured status. It is definitely an important part of life in Chandigarh. A day cannot be complete without a walk here in the morning or evening.


The lake plays host to Siberian cranes from the freezing north. It is also the home of well stocked fish which makes the place an angler’s delight. Fishing can only be done during specific periods of the year with a permit from the authorities.




Many features have been added including a Nature Interpretation Centre at the dam end of the lake.

Chandigarh owes its design and character to the creative genius of Le Corbusier famous architect and designer of buildings and cities.


If you enter through the dam side then you have to climb quite a number of steps to reach the promenade.


As a Chandigarhian I am very proud of Sukhna Lake and it has certainly been a big part of my life.