Sukhna Lake, the Pride of Chandigarh



The wildlife sanctuary at the dam end of Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh.


Sukhna Lake is the attraction that visitors seek in Chandigarh. It is as famous in the region as the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Residents love to walk to the lake everyday. The whos who of Chandigarh love to be seen walking or joggin on the promenade.


The Lake is a man made creation or rather an existing small natural feature has been expanded to its current well manicured status. It is definitely an important part of life in Chandigarh. A day cannot be complete without a walk here in the morning or evening.


The lake plays host to Siberian cranes from the freezing north. It is also the home of well stocked fish which makes the place an angler’s delight. Fishing can only be done during specific periods of the year with a permit from the authorities.




Many features have been added including a Nature Interpretation Centre at the dam end of the lake.

Chandigarh owes its design and character to the creative genius of Le Corbusier famous architect and designer of buildings and cities.


If you enter through the dam side then you have to climb quite a number of steps to reach the promenade.


As a Chandigarhian I am very proud of Sukhna Lake and it has certainly been a big part of my life.