Discard This Hot Fish Called Trump; It is Stinking up the World


He is a stinking fish; a bad apple. Throw him in the trash. Trash the Trumpet. Donald Strumpet, The Donald Trumpet.

8 thoughts on “Discard This Hot Fish Called Trump; It is Stinking up the World

  1. Do you live in America? Do you have any skin in the game? If not then please keep your opinions to yourself. Much like Nigel Farage, he may not be my personal favorite possibility but at least he’s keeping the interests of America first – unlike Hillary who is ready to make us just another part of the EU. Or something even worse. Plus while the Donald may have been fined more than a few times for civil violations of law, which were misdemeanors, he’s never to my knowledge been investigated for a felony – let alone one regarding national security – as Hillary has, not once but WAY more than 10 times over the past 20 years. Nor have the key witnesses against him come up conveniently DEAD before they can testify, like ALL of Hillary’s. Any woman who can protect a rapist she KNOWS is guilty by trashing a 12 year old CHILD is evil. And that fits Hillary.

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