What’s Bothering me Today about the World?

I am wondering with the depth of my soul when the misery of the people stuck inside Mosul will be over.

I am watching with awe war correspondents of the BBC and CNN. A special mention is required for Arwa Damon, Nic Robertson, Ian Pannell, Ayman Oghanna and many more. Ayman Oghanna seems like someone Hollywood dreamed up for a war movie.

I have been cursing Assad and praying and asking others to pray for the downfall of the Syrian President for the last four years. Alas, God is too democratic and wants to see all the evil angles of this wretched man before He commits him to Hell-fire.

If all of us prayed together today we could help the Iraqi army to save the besieged people of Mosul. Today my sincere desire rising out of my vengeful spirit is to throw a thunderbolt at the leaders of the Middle East who thrive by exploiting the religious sentiments of innocent civilians. A prayer for the Kurds, Peshmerga and other rebels helping the Iraqi Army in this huge rescue mission.




2 thoughts on “What’s Bothering me Today about the World?

  1. Well I’m with you on wanting ISIS kicked out of everywhere – an evil bunch of religious fanatics who practice medieval barbarity in the name of religion. I’m also with you on ridding us of Assad – though the trickier business of who you replace him with is not clear. More religious fanatics would not be a good idea.
    From my perspective, as an antitheist, I think religion has a lot to answer for. As I don’t believe in any god I do not hold with praying or believe there is any hell that Assad, for all his evils, will be thrown in to.
    From my perspective it is down to us human beings to sort matters out, punish the perpetrators of crimes and set up a better, more equal, less violent, more tolerant world.

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