Brass Band –Indian Marriage


Brass Band Accompaniment Necessary in Indian Marriage Procession of Groom to Bride’s Place


A Brass Band accompanies the dancing procession of Groom’s family and friends. The tunes can be old favorites from Indian and English Movies. For years ‘Tequila’;  ‘Come  September’ and ‘Twist’ were hot favourites and the Twist was a standard dance for wedding processions.


A Dholak player is also necessary to keep up a hot dancing beat.

The bright lights placed here on the road are carried by porters and the power comes from a portable generator rolling along with the procession.

The groom leads the procession riding on a mare. It is pretty symbolic riding the mare. The entire tableaux is rather royal and male chauvinism inclined.


In this case the groom is riding a chariot with his Sarbala (usually a sister’s young son).



A bit of advertising for the band behind the chariot’s back.