Golden Week of Japan

A lot of people in Japan are waiting expectantly for Golden week. This is a week at the end of April when a gathering of holidays is combined into a week of celebrations.The week starts with Showa Day in memory of the popular Emperor who passed away in 1989. This is celebrated on 29th of April.

This constellation of holidays was aptly named Golden Week by the movie industry which lured people to cinema halls during these holidays.

The Japanese Constitution came into being on the 3rd of May 1947 and thus is celebrated as Constitution Memorial Day within the Golden Week.

Children get a special day in Japan on May 5 and it is called Children’s Day!

May 1 is celebrated all over the world as May Day. It is a day celebrating the power of the working people. In Japan too it is honored thus during the Golden Week.

May 4 used to be a working day once but it was very inconvenient opening and closing shops and factories for one day therefore the authorities have logically declared this inconvenient 24 hours as a holiday too.

The weather too is golden during this week. It is neither too cold nor too hot. People travel and visit monuments and stay at tourist resorts. If you are planning to go to Japan then perhaps you should join in the celebrations of Golden Week of Japan.