Letter to Rahul Gandhi

Letter to Rahul Gandhi


The interview at Berkeley by Rahul Gandhi will/should be a turning point for the Congress Party in India. For years I have watched Rahul and been dismayed at his anger. It is my wish to advise him to follow the role model of his father. His father was a soft-spoken gentleman who carried on the learned Western influenced tradition of his grandfather.

In our times we Indians have become so Vedic as to suspect everything Western. Knowledge does not have any nationality. If we can build Airports and flyovers copying the west why this taboo on things western.

Anyway I digress. The Congress party has right now no choice but to have Rahul as their leader. It is for Rahul to become a national leader. He has to change his persona. He has to become and merge into his father. That is the way he will be able to charm the people.

We have had enough of this Madaari show. This autocratic method of ruling is not acceptable for Indians who love old fashioned democratic traditions. Bulldozers, loudspeakers and fascist rallies are abhorable.

Free electricity is a last resort. It was the trademark of doomed Badals. The death knell has sounded. It is for the Congress to rise up now out of the ashes. If this young man will only listen to this old man he will be able to defeat Goliath.


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  1. The disillusionment is not only against Rahul – poor guy. It’s with Congress and its scam-ridden paralyzing politics. Today the feeling is even Lallu is preferable to Congress.


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