Dubai, Here I Come!

Dubai, Here I Come! DSCF8014DSCF8015DSCF8016DSCF8017


A month in Dubai at the invitation of my daughter who has taken an extra roomed apartment to accommodate visitors from India. A week from now we (my wife is invited too) we will be in what looks like the Los Angeles of the Middle East from photos sent by my youngest daughter Liaga. My main worry right now is the medical paraphernalia I will have to take along as a senior citizen. There is my nebulizer and then my blood pressure measuring electronic meter. Perhaps a kilo of medicines will accompany me with proper prescriptions and bills from the pharmacy. Should I take my old fashioned camera? Should I get a wheel fixed on my suitcase or carry on using it as I have with only three wheels as one was broken off by an airline baggage handler. How many shirts should I carry? How many inhalers should I carry?

I have learned from the net that the Sheikh is a world figure who loves horse racing and is a regular visitor and contender at Royal Ascot. People say Dubai is in a downwards tailspin because of the drop in oil prices and demand and the self sufficiency of the US. I am waiting for my eyes to be opened in a positive way.