Call me Faxian!




I suppose if my TV had artificial intelligence it would go all Herman Melville on me and say-”Call me Sanjay.” Why Sanjay?you know in the beginning of Bhagavad Gita- Sanjaya Uvacha! That was the first incidence of remote broadcasting. An ancient war correspondent!–

I am so glad Arwa Damon has been given a break and taken to some better climes she was actually wilting before us in the Middle East.

I am definitely an armchair traveller when I am not actually traveling to various cities. I feel like the celebrated Fa Hien of our history books. Times so change and Fa Hien is now called Faxian. —

It is like the vedic concept which is now borne out by great minds like Stephen Hawking that the world is expanding and mutating all the time. —

 We are evolving continuously and eventually I suppose we will become mere atoms or thinking mists of knowledge; what will be the need of our bodies? Sex as it is has become such a contentious subject!–


I know! I know! Who reads blogs? Apparently one cannot quote wikipedia in learned treatises but remember I ain’t no lady! Why do writers write? It is just a sickness! A verbose diarrhea. Writers have wordy runs. They are because they write. In some future a thousand years hence maybe they will print some blogs, laminate them and use them as curious and quaint table mats for dining robots. That is my mission to have my words read by robots of the future while they consume machine oil and nuts and bolts bhel puri!IMG_8671

I am looking for a Desert Rose in my writings!