Culinary Tableau chilis/fish?

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A pleasant invitation awaits tourists at Dabolim, Goa Airport. In my hurry to get my baggage I really did not take a good picture but at a distance looks like a sculpture, mural, something about chilis or fish, whatever it is it is colorful, attaractive and appropriate considering Goa culinary delights.

Haven for Senior Citizens-General Hospital, Sector 6, Panchkula


General Hospital, Sector 6 in Panchkula, Haryana, India offers free services for all its citizens and special five star treatment to its senior citizens. The hospital has a superb team of MDs who listen to the patients patiently. Haryana is perhaps a rare example of a state in India which offers free and efficient medical services to its citizens including free surgery.


Dubai-Parking for SUVs and Luxury Liners


In the background that tall building is actually a cruise ship parked in old Dubai harbor while the tourists head for the Gold Souk and Bur Dubai for shopping and sight seeing.

Old Dubai is really quaint, enchanting and charming in its own way. A lot of construction is going on to modernise roads and bridges and create flyovers. This really is a city planning for the future!


Last Thoughts translate to Next Avatar



Always have good thoughts otherwise it might be thumbs down for you!



Tibetan Book of the Dead–”a guide for the living, actually, since it teaches that a man’s last thoughts will determine the quality of his reincarnation.”

This Tree Waited all night to Surrender to the Sun-“What you seek is seeking you.” ― Rumi


“Jan says,
you must accept those
who surrender to you.”

“Janabai was born in the Maharashtra region of India to a low-caste family. It was not uncommon for poor families to hire their children out as domestic servants, and this is what happened to Janabai at age 7. But the household she was sent to was unusual, for it belonged to the much-revered poet Namdev.  It was in this household that Janabai spent the rest of her life.

Janabai’s poetry suggests a life of difficult labor in the household, but one that was constantly revived and supported by her intimacy with the Divine.”-Ivan M. Granger of Poetry Chaikhana.