Superheroes Wash the Dishes-Avengers Infinity War

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A gaggle of my wife’s kitty friends invaded our house. It was my wife’s turn to serve tea and snacks and tambola(bingo). I chose to run and live to fight my battles another day. Where could I go in such dire circumstances. The nearest movie hall. Avengers Infinity War. Guys, I a senior citizen strayed into this movie. This movie has made a billion dollars in eleven days world wide so I was shocked to find the hall was totally empty and I was the only viewer. I sat down in the last seat against the wall right dead center before the screen. No one could jump me here especially a wild one like Thanos. I made the mistake of buying the biggest coke and the biggest caramel popcorn tub. I had to go to the washrooms twice because of the one litre (or was it 2 litres?), I rued the fact that cinema halls do not have a pause button even when you are the only one in the hall. I thus missed approximately ten minutes of this cult comic (Marvel) turned into movie adventure. I am really a DC man; a die hard addict of Batman, Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern but times they are a changing and there was no DC movie being played nearby so here I was sipping on my massive coke peering through my 3D goggles placed over my numbered spectacles. I could have worn anything or not worn anything for there was no one else to see me, the hall was eerily empty while the speakers went boom, crash and thud.

Here we have to stand up and salute Iron man Robert Downey Jr. He has outlasted all the actors of the world combined and that is why he was leading the fight against Thanos, I suppose. Really I am a DC guy but, ahem, I really only recognised Thor (also grown older) and Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow.

I have a confession to make I thought the character of Thanos was portrayed by a computer altered Mickey Rourke, turned out it was Josh Brolin. So you can see I am getting on in years and face recognition software needs replacing in the brain. I crunched away in excitement over the caramel popcorn; my 3D glasses got all steamed up. I tried to figure out who these fancy heroes and heroines were not being a Marvel aficionado.

I agreed with the opinion–Peter Travers of Rolling Stone“The Russo brothers have clearly never learned the concept that less is more. They’ve used the premise of an Avengers reunion to put on a fireworks explosion of action and laughs that won’t quit.” He also said “the film is “too much of a good thing” just like my coke and popcorn.

My phone began emitting a buzz sound and a light flashed. Ironman? Batman?-It was my wife, “come back now!” Luckily the movie finished too and I went back to my safe haven free of zipping and zapping robots, creatures, spaceships, laser guns, electronic swords, suns, moons and stars. At home I showed my traditional docility and helped my wife clear up the table and wash the dishes. That is the kind of stuff superheroes are made of. Ask Robert Downey Jr. if you don’t believe me.