The Woman in the Window-Book Review


So you long for a book that you can curl up in bed with and read till you finish it from cover to cover. “The Woman in the Window” is one such book. AJ FINN aka (real name) Daniel Mallory has written the ultimate whodunnit this season and it will be so for a long time to come.

It is also a must for Hitchcock and black and white movie lovers. The ambience is just right for a  nostalgic dip into classical thrillers.

It is definitely in the genre of “Murder She Said”(4.50 From Paddington by Agatha Christie) and Rear Window (a definitely definitive Hitchcock movie).

Anna Fox is a very believable protagonist. A very personal thriller crescendoing to a climax. A perfect book for a short vacation or a slight fever and staying in bed like old times to devour a book. Unputdownable. Fifty years back when they did not have digital billboards, the movie hall poster man wrote these three words when he loved a movie-Suspense, Thrill and Adventure! It indeed has been made into a movie now!

This is definitely in that genre Suspense, Thrill and Adventure! Go for it and Buy Here–

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