Day One of 3650


Day one of 3650


A year is a long time. So many things happen in one year. Although the year ends so fast, it leaves its scars. It is a long journey; a year. The funerals, the birthdays and the marriages one attends or diplomatically avoids, it is a journey of tightrope walking. Keeping oneself as charged as ones mobile phone is a stupendous task.

News has become all pervasive. I would love to be a Mormon without a TV but alas I’m hooked, line and sinker! I can’t avoid being affected by storms, murders, presidential buffoonery, economic collapses, share market roller coaster rides and neighbourly inquisitiveness. Travelling has become a means of escape as a retired person from the mundane. Being mindful of our surroundings and of our breath has become so chic and I am trying to adapt to it.

Today the Sun is so angry and bright and has come out with extreme purpose. It is the 21st of September and surprisingly cool in the morning. Winter is almost a month early. The temperature is already below 30 Celsius at 27, the minimum last night was 24. The maximum is going to be near 32. It is going to be the festival season in India now culminating in our Christmas which is Diwali and it is on November 7th this year. It changes every year because our religious holidays follow the lunar calendar which waxes and wanes.

Ten years of fresh sunrises is going to be a tremendous journey, let’s see!

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