A Gentle Glance


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A gentle glance


Let’s step down for awhile

And come back to Earth.

Time to breathe deep inhale

And make our souls strong again.

A park bench is saying


See the children playing.

We pass it by in our haste!

A slower pace!

That is the future.

Truthfully we are lost in our lives. Insane.

Time to go in a huddle

The way they do before a big game.

The Earth has wilted!

Make a plan

Save the land.

Slow down

Do play on your ecological fears

Plan your Green for the coming years

The fire is on the ground.

We have to step down our ladders

A few rungs at a time and embrace the world.

Let’s do the things we did as kids

Go round and round dirty our mitts

Play in the mud and sift the sand

Grab the world with our hands.

When is enough?

We are gouging the earth

Suckling her to death!

Remember the sixties call

Stop the world I want to get off

Well let’s not stop it

Just slow it down a bit!

Don’t run slow down just sit.

How will we reconcile growth with sustainenance?

Perhaps by being misers with our natural resources.

This is our penance

Resist all prejudiced forces

Grab a cloth bag use recyclable things

Let old satchels be our bling

Not being sarcastic

Just please shun plastic

It is killing the world

Its filled up the oceans now it’s in the air

The situation is enough to scare

This is the time to plan

The rest of our lives on this land

Although the panic button has been pressed

It’s now time to be on our behaviour best


Let’s deck up old things make them fine

Like New York Highline-https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_Line

Let people catch up

Set out an hour to paint

To sculpt, spin a potter’s wheel

That’s our New Deal

A hobby to enable

Write a diary; or make a table.

Let us go out and hug trees

Freedom is in accepting the earth in love

Please treat her like a mother

Mankind sisters and brothers

Time to go out and walk in the rain.

Let’s get poor earth off the hook

Oh, I forgot and read a book!