3 Very old, very worthwhile churches in Munich

I rushed through Munich recently and found your photographs and write-up very informative about things I had seen but did not have the luck to have a good guide to point out the history and names of the churches.

Tripping Over The World


Munich’s clock in the middle of town is a big draw. Crowds of tourists cluster together in Marienplatz with necks stretched upward waiting for the elaborate Neues Rathaus (New Town Hall) glockenspiel to chime and dance, culminating with a life-sized knight getting knocked off his horse in a joust.

The clock is fun in a “it’s a small world” way and dates from 1908. But in a city with a 1,000 years of history like Munich, there is a lot more to check out, including three must-see churches that are all within a five minute walk of the glockenspiel: Old Peter, Frauenkirche, and St. Peter’s.

Old Peter:

The Church of St. Peter is the oldest church in Munich, and although the current building only dates from the 14th century, this location has been the site of worship since the 8th century. It was built in the pre-Gothic Romanesque style and has a comparatively small nave and low ceilings with small rounded (Romanesque) arches.

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