Word Storm

toys letters pay play
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Words skid down our windscreens

All now times

Rainy words

Snowstorm words

Hailstorm words

But they dribble down into the gutter.

Our words are worthless

Now there are templates

“The Nation is in danger”

“Immigrants threaten our jobs”

“We have to maintain the purity of

Our race/language/economy”

“Our colour is the best color”

Who’s worried now about the Panda

The rule book says now propaganda

Let’s toss the Ozone or Amazon or drugs

All under the bloody rug!

Take a hike, Right?

And you there shut off the mike!


One thought on “Word Storm

  1. touche … one reason I refuse to join climate protests … I live off grid, reuse constantly, have nominal rubbish … yet most of the protestors have angry words demanding govt action instead of actually doing something themselves! dribble ..


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