Banana Leaves as Plates


In most of southern India banana leaves are available abundantly. They are used as plates for traditional South Indian Food. It is believed that when hot food is placed on these banana leaves the heat generates beneficial aroma to rise from the natural plates.

People prefer these to china because they doubt the cleanliness of western style plates.

It does take time in learning to eat with the fingers and direct from the banana leaf.

Windsor Castle? No, Bangalore Palace


This was built by Rev. J Garret who was the first school Principal of Central High School. It was bought over by the Wadiyar Maharaja of Mysore in 1873 AD for a price of forty thousand rupees which if converted on today’s rates would be a mere 600 dollars. Its 454 acres grounds have  seen Rock Concerts performed by the likes of Metallica, The Rolling Stones, No Doubt, Guns N Roses and many others. It is the number one tourist attraction of Bangalore. Part of the building is a museum with audio guides; the rest of the palace is still used by the Royal Family on special occasions.