Discard This Hot Fish Called Trump; It is Stinking up the World


He is a stinking fish; a bad apple. Throw him in the trash. Trash the Trumpet. Donald Strumpet, The Donald Trumpet.

Donald Trump–General U-listen-I-Grunt–Oink Oink–Grunt Grunt


Has he been putting his thing where his mouth is? As he is prone to commenting about women and Mexicans in a derogatory way. Remember the wolf in Red Riding Hood!

Donald Trump–Dirty Dick

I remember in old novels and movies DT used to mean delirium tremens or the shakes after a drinking binge. Now it means Donald Trump or Dirty Talk or Dirty Dick in the mouth white racist pig. America has got a big hangover with this foul mouthed school bully.

Someone needs to give him a verbal response. I can only think of the North Korean president. They would be great friends I am sure.

He will be America’s Caligula if elected. The world is laughing at America’s Republican Party. Really? Just money makes the mare go? I think he is a braying donkey.

Wash Up Dick especially your mental cavities. Floss them before you take the stage.