A Postcard to my friends!

lily postcard1-DSCF9852

This is a postcard of appeal. I am an avid news watcher and am really disturbed by the attitude of PrezT regarding immigrants. He has fanned up such hatred that perhaps it might not be easy to stop a conflagration of racial vengeance. I ask my friends who might have been swayed by this demagogue but still think like democratic people to accept all God’s children no matter of what colour as their brothers and sisters.

Discard This Hot Fish Called Trump; It is Stinking up the World


He is a stinking fish; a bad apple. Throw him in the trash. Trash the Trumpet. Donald Strumpet, The Donald Trumpet.

Donald Trump–General U-listen-I-Grunt–Oink Oink–Grunt Grunt


Has he been putting his thing where his mouth is? As he is prone to commenting about women and Mexicans in a derogatory way. Remember the wolf in Red Riding Hood!

Donald Trump–Dirty Dick

I remember in old novels and movies DT used to mean delirium tremens or the shakes after a drinking binge. Now it means Donald Trump or Dirty Talk or Dirty Dick in the mouth white racist pig. America has got a big hangover with this foul mouthed school bully.

Someone needs to give him a verbal response. I can only think of the North Korean president. They would be great friends I am sure.

He will be America’s Caligula if elected. The world is laughing at America’s Republican Party. Really? Just money makes the mare go? I think he is a braying donkey.

Wash Up Dick especially your mental cavities. Floss them before you take the stage.