Scooters for Hire in Goa



There are so many beautiful places to see in Goa that a vehicle of your own becomes necessary. Taxis are expensive and buses are few and far between. The ideal way to travel is on hired scooters. For  five dollars you can hire a scooter for 24 hours. That is the reason you see people zipping past you especially on weekends on scooters. Walking is a hazardous v enture because there are no earmarked footpaths and cars , buses and scooters just brush past you at full speed.

Helmets are unheard of. In my hometown of Chandigarh that invites an instant challaan (ticket) for traffic rules violation. I did not see a single person wearing a helmet.


Martin’s Corner–Goa


If you are in goa right now go to Martin’s Corner for dinner. They have a live band and the ambience is so lively. It gets livelier as the night progresses. You are bound to see a celebrity or two but people pretend to not have seen them. That is why everyone loves Goa. The people are discrete and mind their own business.

Se Cathedral — Goa–Se Catedral de Santa Caterina

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Se Cathedral in Goa

The might of seafaring Portugal and the glory of the Catholic Church spread by Portuguese missionaries are visible in the Se Cathedral at Goa.

Se Cathedral is allegedly the biggest in Asia. It is built in a massive and vast open space right across the Old Goa Road from the Basilica of Bom Jesus.

The pillars of the Cathedral are gigantic and soar into the sky to uphold a marvelous barrel shaped roof. The altars and paintings are magnificent and dedicated to the life of St. Catherine.

The cathedral is nearly four hundred years old having been completed in 1619. It was built to commemorate the victory of the Portuguese over a Muslim army. The victory fell on the day of the feast of Saint Catherine and that is why it is consecrated in her name.

The Cathedral is also the seat of the Patriarch of the East Indies. It is a Latin Rite Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Goa and Daman named beautifully as Se Catedral de Santa Caterina.

Fort Aguada-Goa


It has a storing tank for 2, 376,000 gallons of fresh water garnered from a natural spring. This tank replenished the water supplies of Portugues ships arriving in the Arabian Sea. The Fort was also a refuge from marauding Dutch and Maratha armies. Fort Aguada (Water) also has a four storey lighthouse which was a reference point for ships sailing in these waters.