Hippocratic Oath not for Malchiste and Stifor Hospitals

Malchiste and Stifor Hospitals are leading institutions of health care in India. I used to think Xam has clean hands but now comes the news that they sell medicines at their counters above the MRP.

I have nothing personal against these institutions but recently I have been helping a relative get a cure for a mysterious ailment.

Alas, Doctors have sold their souls to the Devil.

The case is devious. Hospitals or private doctors invest in massive doses of equipment and lab gadgets. They have to take big loans and come up with money by hook or crook to pay installments. Running a hospital needs immense amounts of cash flowing through the tills. Doctors are roped in to sell hospital beds for no rhyme or reason.

The modus operandi plays upon your fears for your own health or for your loved ones. The common line is that if you do not allow us to operate now, the patient will die a painful death. It is not uncommon for surgeons during surgery to send out a hospital document for signature by a close relative seeking permission to do an expensive surgery and exonerating doctors of all negligence or willful ill doing. This is extortion.

We need to protect ourselves from our hospital doctors by seeking not only a second but a third and fourth opinion. These money seeking doctors are not to be trusted. Why else would Stifor gift an Audi to such an hypocrite doctor?

Stifor is notorious for doing surgeries where none are needed. Malchiste is famous for chucking people into their ICUs. If you talk to the workers they will inform you that three days stay in the ICU is a must. That is about Rupees 1, 00,000. Stifor is five times more expensive and once you are in their grips they will extort money from you quoting various life threatening possibilities if you leave the hospital. In other words you are stiffed by Stifor.

Who do you trust then?

Please God help us from these hypocrites who have taken the Hippocratic Oath.