Waiting for the Midnight Special to Shine a Light on Me in Munich!


There can be nothing more daunting and lonely than waiting for a Midnight train in a foreign city. We actually got disoriented in the fog as we reached our destination station and started walking in the wrong direction. No pedestrians at night. Then luckily because I had bought some coffee from the local Rewe shop I took that as a guiding post although in the night with its bright lights on the side wall and christian crosses it looked more like a church. Finally the sight of the flashing and red and blue lights of the gas station next to our hotel led us to our hotel and home. There was a man standing in his balcony and smoking a cigarette and I asked him about the direction of the hotel. My German vanished into the cold night and his English was not adequate enough to help us. He just gave a very European shrug and off we went pushing the pram with my little grandson in it and the other five year old in tow and my daughter beside me. She as is not  unusual went into panic mode and befuddled me. She kept insisting that is not Rewe, it is a church. Thank God for the arabica coffee I had bought in the morning, we reached home safely.

Mystery of the Onion Domes on Munich Towers


Anyone not familiar with southern Germany and especially Bavaria is surprised by the onion domes on towers in and around Munich and even on churches. These I have found are the remnants of the Austrian empire. They also represent  the victory of the Catholic church over the Protestant. Thus traditional spires are abandoned in favour of the more Russian looking onion domes. The architectural reason given is that onion domes do not gather heavy snow on the dome tops during the winter season.


onion dome



Land of Beer -Munich, Germany!


Photo taken near Empress Hotel on WurmTalstrasse! A great hotel with courteous staff and a sumptuous breakfast is included in the room rent. The track beyond the white line is for cyclists who are many in Munich. A few can be seen resting behind the lamposts!

Just back from the land of beer. Mein Gott, sehr gut alles beer!

Had a great time! exploring the city but mostly tasting the beer and the schnitzels!

The restaurants on Leopoldstrasse are superb and one that is very popular is Shere-Punjab! Great kebabs and of course the bar is sumptuous! If you want to get knocked out by ouzos go to Bruskos on the same street. Wunderbar! (Pun intended)

Paulaner beer sign outside Empress Hotel on WurmTalstrasse!Hangover