Oscars do a Pistorius

The Oscars presentations were embarrassing to say the least. This wise-ass Seth MacFarlane mistook the show for a comedy central stand up routine. He insulted people by his uncouth language. Respected actors deserved more. That Captain Kirk thing too was puerile. He has insulted more women in that one song ‘we saw your boobs’ than all the MCPs of the world could have done collectively. It was like watching a drunken cousin ruin a wedding ceremony.

Please who selects these ridiculous people? And that skit with Sally Field; did anyone find anything funny in it and why her? Anyway why is it necessary to make people laugh raucously? A joke inserted here or there is enough. The real entertainment is the presentation of the awards. This Seth made the show as if it was about him. Who is he? We in the rest of the world are not interested. If a billion people were watching, the presentation should have been done by someone who could portray the brand image of the Oscars and not destroy it. The flair has gone from the presentations. It is all slapstick and burlesque. Women need to be treated like princesses and not streetwalkers.

The show indeed seems to have been made in China. Please get your act together Academy.