Hundred footed–Centipede or Millipede–Thousand footed! Which is the best Foot?

Try catching this One on the wrong foot!



Putting the best foot forward can be one hell of a decision for a centipede or a millipede. Really I am not sure which category my friend belongs to. I met him or her on my morning walk. I actually walked ten meters ahead before I thought about the possibility of even seeing a millipede again in my life walking so steadfastly on the highway. I retraced my steps and because the light was good I got two good pictures. If you click on the photos twice you can enlarge them to a good large size.

My blog friend Cindy Knoke (  actually put the notion of it being a possible millipede in  my mind. So i added the Thousand footed to my headline.

Poor devil does not know one tire can deflate all its feet.